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Our culture is a choose me culture. We love with our “I’s” first instead of our “eyes” first. ChooseUnity is a movement to bring awareness to the concept of agape love. Agape is a charitable/selfless love that is not driven by emotion, but by behavior…it is a choice. Too often we react with emotional biases towards others who look different, love different, politic different or worship different. Agape does not demand putting emotions and feelings aside, but rather invites us to choose kindness despite our differences… eyes first. By changing the biases that exist and unifying in the name of love, agape love, we can begin healing in unity one life at a time. 

If you would like more information about joining our movement, or have a story that you would like to share about how you chose to overcome  differences with someone else and are now united because of it,  please let us know. The power of story convicts our hearts and challenges the comfortable bondage that so often stifles our growth. 

Global Unity Foundation’s mission is to unite the world through Humanitarian Efforts by working with community leaders, influential individuals, and socially conscience organizations to eradicate poverty, advance health and wellness, create economic sustainability and promote universal quality education.

GUF supports initiatives across a wide range of efforts including: education, gender equality, feeding the hungry, eliminating Human Trafficking, addressing homelessness and economic empowerment through entrepreneurship training.

Global Unity Foundation was reestablished by Donna Shepard in April 2020 to continue the philanthropic mission founded by her late son , Ryan Long – a warrior for change and an advocate for community. Ryan worked tirelessly to support start up and established charities around the globe through events and virtual training sessions lead by business leaders who shared tools and techniques for success.

Choose Unity joins Donna in support of carrying on the extraordinary and imminent vision begun by Ryan To make this world a little better than he found it.

Our story

Robert and Jade Patteri father and daughter co-founders of Box of Chocolates Productions; Robert a Broadway veteran and Jade a rising young triple threat. Both share the same goal and sense of responsibility to create art that has a positive influence on our culture.

When Robert approached Jade about writing a song to address the racial injustices dividing us today, he brought up the concept of being “Bloodblind.” Color is beautiful and we should not be blind to it, but the one color that binds us all is red. Jade loved the idea but wanted to pen a song that would address all inequities and biases, and thus Unity was born.

However,  bringing this story to life without a studio budget would prove challenging given the gentle hand that this message needed. With the help of an amazing cast and crew and months in the making, Unity came to life. But Robert and Jade felt there was more to the story than just a music video. What if they could create a call to action and bring people together who shared the same vision of Unity?  The answer was  And what if they could find a non-profit who shared the same vision where like-minded Unifiers could join hands to make a difference with the social causes that unite us? We are honored to support GlobalUnityFoundation!

Please join us as we make one choice at a time to love each other despite our differences. We may actually find that we have more in common than not!

“Choose love not hate, and then we can be the change!”

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We support Global Unity Foundation as their mission encourages us to come together despite our differences in unity around areas that we can all agree need our love: poverty, trafficking, equality, education and more.